La familia

The feeling behind the batting cages before Game 1 of the ALCS was that of a family reunion. In one corner Ozzie Guillen joked around with Vladimir Guerrero and a large group of Angels playersGarret200_1 and in the other corner Dodgers Hall of Fame Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrin and former Major Leaguer Cookie Rojas, who does Spanish television for the Marlins, were laughing it up with Angels owner Arte Moreno.

Players intermingled like it was the first game of Spring Training — not like the first game of the ALCS. The only thing missing was a barbecue pit and picnic tables. A swimming pool, a few umbrellas, and a stereo would have worked as well. Oh yeah, if you did not speak Spanish, you were in trouble. I don’t think I heard one word of English, except for an occasional "hello" or "brother." There is a definite brotherhood these guys have as baseball players. They are all on basically the same team, they just wear different uniforms. The Latin (Spanish) connection only reinforced their strong bond.
Jesse Sanchez/

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