And the Thunder rolls

It’s raining in Anaheim. That song? It never rains in Southern California or something like that? A lie. It’s been coming down off and on almost all day. Thunder275_2I’m out here in the auxiliary press box in the area behind the right-field foul pole. It’s easy to spot me. I look like Mary Poppins — at least, my computer does. I somehow propped up my umbrella in front of my computer and it’s working pretty well. I wrapped the rest of my computer in a plastic poncho I bought earlier today and I’m still typing away. Dry, baby.

People were giving me funny looks earlier. Right about now, they are wondering why they did not think of this first. The guy next to me has a towel over his computer and he’s holding his umbrella with one hand and scoring with other hand. How can you work like that? You can’t. Maybe I should patent this umbrella computer thing. Not sure who would buy it but then again, who would have thought ThunderStixx would take over the world? I know I sure didn’t, and I am reminded of it every time I come out to Anaheim for a game. Yes, I’m dry now, but I can’t hear.
Jesse Sanchez/

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