Eckstein not forgotten

Who says Angels fans don’t have long memories? Before Game 4 of the ALCS, almost every fan at Angel Stadium had their eyes glued to big screen monitors in right and left field, watching the final innings of the Houston/St. Louis game. There was a noticeable cheer when former Angels shortstop David Eckstein, now playing for the Cardinals, stepped to the plate in the ninth inning with two outs and the tying runner on second base. The crowd followed each pitch with a series of oohs and ahhs. When Eckstein flied out to shallow center field to end the game, a collective sigh was heard throughout the stadium. Yep, they still love Eckstein in Anaheim. Did I mention Angels shortstop Orlando Cabrera has hit safely in all 10 career LCS games and in 20 of 22 postseason games?
Jesse Sanchez/



    WOW,, WHAT A GAME,, WHAT GREAT STARTING PITCHERS WE HAVE.. Paul went deep in the first and that was the key…one more and we r in the world series, after that we will just need 4 wins to get the dream come true…. GO SOX… WHAT A NIGHT FOR SCOTTY TOO.. GO SOX….


    watching Figgins in this series REALLY makes me miss Eck…Sox pitching is good, but Halos can’t hit, can’t get on base, can’t get anyone out, and can’t get a break from the umps…hats off to White Sox – they are doing everything right…Halos in 7 (we can only hope since season could be done tomorrow)

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