Welcome to Oz?

Ozzieedit2Apparently, there’s enough room in Anaheim for two Ozzies. Rocker/reality star/bat-biter Ozzy Osbourne made an appearance at Angel Stadium on Sunday. Sorta. After the top of the first inning, Osbourne appeared on the Jumbotron behind right field and screamed. "I’m Ozzy. Goooooooooooo Angeeeeeeeeeeeeeels." I think. It was hard to understand him. Maybe he said "Gooooooo Raaaaaaaaaaaangers" or "Go Doooooooooooodgers." Perhaps it was the classic "I’m blah blah, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, blah blaaaaahs." I don’t know. It was kind a weird and kind of a surprise. Ozzy the Angels fan? Who knows? Either way, the crowd gave the video message a nice round of applause. I did not see the reaction from White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.
Jesse Sanchez/MLB.com

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