I saw the sign

Almost immediately after the gates opened at Angel Stadium and the general public started filing in, angry fans had made their statements about the disputed call by home-plate umpire Doug Eddings that led to the Angels’ 2-1 loss to the White Sox in Game 2 of the ALCS.

A man in the field level seats above the Angels dugout held up a sign that read, ?Angels 1, Umpires 1,? and displayed it proudly — for about 30 seconds.

As soon as people began to recognize the sign and comment on it, a security guard came by and took the sign away from the guy.

Sign300_1?They don?t allow signs in the stadium,? said Jerry, the security guard who wouldn?t give his last name. ?It?s just policy. What the sign said had nothing at all to do with it.?

When asked if he agreed with the sentiments on the placard, Jerry said, ?I?m gonna have to give you a ?No comment? on that one.?

Jerry said Angel Stadium doesn?t allow signs because they block the view of other fans and that?s really all there is to it.

He said the guy with the sign had the option of retrieving it after the game if he so chose, but the guy declined, saying, ?It?s just a sign.?

When asked if he expected to have to be called into action to curtail unruly fan activity once Eddings took the field, Jerry said, ?No comment again.?

Before I left, Jerry asked me who I was writing for. I said, ?I?m sorry. I can?t comment on that.?
Doug Miller/MLB.com


  1. pterygoi@yahoo.com

    That’s a clever sign but it’s inaccurate. IF that call went your way it only meant the game goes into extra innings…you were never guaranteed a victory.

  2. manausa1@sbcglobal.net

    what a great game for Garland, and for the whole team… Garland proved himself, as well as Konerko and Iguchi.. it is great to show the “angels”, (if that their name)who the sox are, and in their field.. I hope that Angels fans stopped crying already,,, i loved it to see A.J. very excited in the game,,, he looked very comfortable, even that they booed him, but who care…. Go SOX….I will post one more time when i have some more thoughts, till then, keep celebrating tonight and lets get ready for tommorow’s game, and as Ozzie said “We look at each game by itself, we don’t look back we just look at the present”(in his words of course).. well lets party tonight and lets keep winning.. GO SOX, GO SOX, GO SOX…HEY P I BELIEVE U R CORRECT…

  3. bvancleave@yahoo.com

    I just got back from Anaheim Stadium, and I have to say what a game. Garland was a monster on the mound, and Konerko’s 3 RBIs were huge. I was sitting not too far from Eddings, and I have to say that the Angels fans weren’t too nice to him. Some of the fans had signs: one was an eye chart, a picture of him with LIAR, and lots of stickers with FIREDOUG. The eye chart woman had a few copies. When a security guard took her sign, she had another one a few innings later. There wasn’t a lot of love for Eddings, people teasing him with his foul calls or yelling at him that AJ was save when he struck out.

    Go Sox!

  4. gamsjager@msn.com

    A question for pterygoi: Does that sign say that the Angels would have been guaranteed a victory if Eddie would have made the call correctly? Answer: No, it doesn’t even HINT to such nonsense.

    The FACT is that Angels have a MUCH better extended game record, so if the ump had been wearing his glasses, the win was most likely in the Angels hands. Let’s not forget the last series we played against the Sox – we swept them (3-0) AND that was only a month ago AND in the Sox’ stadium.

    Now, THAT puts things into a TRUE perspective!

    As for manausa1’s rant, I can only add that such sarcasm is EXACTLY why the Sox will lose this series. The only difference now is that the Angels will have the ultimate opportunity to put the Sox to shame on their own field. The Angels (and their fans) are real sportsmen, so we don’t cry, we come back to win!

    Angels in 6.

  5. pterygoi@yahoo.com

    You don’t cry! All you fans have been doing since Wednesday is crying. I guess if Paulie doesn’t push that ball over the wall with the bat and Garland doesn’t violate the Halos hitters, and Iguchi doesn’t throw out Erstad, the Angels would have won last night too, right? Get off it. Your living in the past.

    Statistical abberations don’t dictate who wins the series, players do. That sweep is irrelevant, it happened over a month ago. Oakland swept us too, where are they at now? Exactly. At home where you guys will be if you keep dwelling on Game 2 and refuse to focus on the games at hand.

  6. gamsjager@msn.com

    DENIAL is NOT a river that runs through Egypt, it runs through your polluted veins.

    YOU are the one who is dwelling on game 2, not me. I’m looking forward to the upsetting defeat that the Angels will hand to the pathetic Sox in game 6 on their own field.

    P.S. Statistics don’t lie, and if the A’s had made it this far, they would whoop your sorry butts too!

  7. pterygoi@yahoo.com

    The thing that disgusts me about you gamsjager is just how delusional you truly are. Give credit where credit is due. Everyone in Chicago acknowledges how great a team the Angels are. Conversely you fans refuse to reciprocate.

    You wanna talk statistics, chew on this: Best road record in the AL. Best record in the AL, period; same league you guys are in so our accomplishments didn’t happen in a vacuum. We are not a fluke, we’re every bit as deserving to be in this position as you are. Focus on Game 4, your thunder sticks, and your Ebola-ridden monkey.

  8. jcrowell52@aol.com

    What are you Angels whining about. There was a play just like that earlier that went AGAINST the Sox. On a tipped third strike, that same ump ruled that the ball hit the dirt, and was not caught by the Sox catcher. The same signal was given. The batter was given another chance. And the Sox were “cheated” out of an Out. As your manager said…you lost the game- not the umpire. P.S.- the umpire also blew the call at home calling out Rowand. The catcher’s tag was way up the arm when Rowand touched the plate.

  9. tadunklee@hotmail.com

    As a die hard Angels fan since 66 (the year they moved to Anaheim) I was certainly dissapointed to see such a bad ending to Game Two, but, it is in the past…so let’s get on with life. Yes the Sox are a very good team, in many ways similar to the Angels, and it is my firm belief that whoever wins this series will also win the WS. I still gotta go with the Angels, even with them down a game. Too much execution and great leadership… and sooner or later Vlady will have to wake up a little.

    The Angels have rocked “good ol’ Freddie” several times in the past as he gets nervous when things get tough. I hope it happens again tonight.

    Angels in 7

  10. jcrowell52@aol.com

    Hey gamejager. The telling fact is that the A’s are playing golf or watching TV.
    They didn’t get this far. They got THEIR sorry butts whipped.

    As for the Angels…White Sox up 2 games to 1. What’s your excuse for Game 3? Enough said!

    If you want more, read my first blog.

  11. jcrowell52@aol.com

    Finally an Angels fan with some sense. However Tadunklee, you did get some thing wrong though. Garcia has an 11-3 record against the Angels and a 2.66 ERA. How many times have you “rocked him”?

  12. malibucouple@hotmail.com

    Umps in this series stink…but the only thing stinkier (stinkier?) is Halo bats and starters (except Byrd)…come on, you can’t beat anyone (except maybe the Dodgers) hitting .175 in a series! Halos in 7!

  13. tiffany1229@cox.net

    The sign was funny, don’t take it so seriously, perturbed pterygoi. If I’d have gone, I would have brought a similar sign.

    The sign didn’t say Angels – 2, White Sox – 0. The sign said Angels – 1, Umpires – 1, you get it?? The sign was against the umpires for making bad calls and taking an opportunity away from the Angels. It was not against the Sox and it wasn’t against you.

    Don’t take it so personally. It was a joke. I have the number for a good counselor, if you’re interested…

  14. pterygoi@yahoo.com

    Sorry, not much interested tiffany1229, got a lot of celebrating to do! In all honesty you guys did have valid points to gripe about, you got hosed on alot of calls. I just didn’t care much for the insinuation that we weren’t good enough to hang in the same arena as you. As if we needed or perpetrated the wobbly officiating. Your organization is a class act and fans like malibucouple exemplify that. Sorry if I got a little personal with some of you guys. It’s a Chicago-thing.

  15. phosrik@yahoo.com

    Congrats to the White Sox from a long time Angels fan. But next time I would hope the umps would allow the Angels to at least try to beat the pay off that someone had given them to throw games 2 and 4.

  16. jmack85@comcast.net

    Our compliments to The Halos and Mike. You are a classy organization and a very competitive opponent. Your post game comments were great examples of best practices and sportsmanship.
    Best wishes for next year,

    Sox fan on da s’side

  17. squather@hotmail.com

    Congrats sox fans. Glad to see at least a ~few~ Chicagoans acknowledging we Angels were “jobbed” by the umpires. No one can deny ya’ll won; but the repeated denials that the umps had nothing to do with the outcome is a little tiring. Bottom line is the Sox got fired up after game 2 and we went flat (any other Halo fans notice game 2 was the 19th anniversary of another dark day in history? Ugh.).

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