Cabbin’ with Chubby

Leaving the hotel and making hot tracks to U.S. Cellular Field, I hopped into a cab.

My driver turned out to be The Amazing Kreskin. Well, it wasn?t really the mind reader who used to be a regular on ?The Tonight Show.? It was someone even better.

Cabby200He turns around, takes one quick look at me, turns back to grab the wheel and says over his shoulder, ?From Jersey, right??

I am from New Jersey, and I am floored. True, I?d already mentioned our destination. But the teams playing in the ALCS were the Los Angeles Angels and the Chicago White Sox. The Yankees are nowhere to be seen.

Where?d Jersey come in? There was no mention of being part of the media on the way to cover the game, but even if there had been …
?It?s my job. I know people,? Ellis ?Chubby? Harris said. ?Been doing this for 28 years. Here?s my card.?

The card says ?Coffee & Donuts.? Seems Chubby is a local legend for the personalized services he provides travelers, picking them up for their rides to the airport with freshly-brewed coffee and donuts waiting in the back seat.

I kept the card, and I?m going to use it. But the next time I get into Chubby?s cab, I?m not telling him where we?re headed.

If he?s so smart, let him figure it out.
Tom Singer/

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