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If you truly want to know the outcome of the American League Championship Series, forget about all the expert prognosticators on television, on the radio, on-line and in the newspapers. Listen to Chris, one of the valets in the garage where I park my car.

After the White Sox destroyed Boston in Game 1 of the Division Series, Chris informed me that the White Sox had this one ?in the bag? and that a sweep was a pretty good likelihood. One week later, as I went to retrieve my car before today?s game, he reminded me again of the prediction.Merk_plate_1

?I told you they would do it, Merk,? he said to me. I?m not really sure if Chris knows my first name. He knows me only by the MERK on my license plate and that I cover the White Sox for a living.

?Now, they are going to take care of the Angels,? he added.

Not one to pass up such sharp insight two times in a row, I asked him how many games it would take. He thought for a minute and said five or six.

By the way, one of my cab drivers in Boston, Michelet, told me that if the White Sox topped the Red Sox, they would win the World Series. So, there you have it Chicago — the title drought appears to be over.
Scott Merkin/

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    Ummm. . . .I thought that might be the case too. Especially because the Angels are hurt and tired. But last night shows us that anything is possible in sports.

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