A Windy wager

Once again, the mayors of the two cities involved in a significant sporting event are at it, so we?re subjected to
the completely tired ?friendly wager,? which jumped the shark when
Battle of the
Network Stars? was a TV phenomenon and Andy Gibb was dating Victoria Principal.

Here?s the official press release
hype: ?If the Angels defeat the White Sox,
Chicago will be
sending delicacies that are enjoyed by people throughout the
Chicago area
and, in many cases, throughout the nation.?

These delicacies include:

  • Lou
    Malnati’s Pizza Loupizza
  • BJ’s Market and Bakery’s Fried Lake Michigan
  • Kasia’s Polish Deli’s Pierogies
  • Comfort Cake’s Pound
  • Ferrara Pan Candy Companies’ Lemonheads and Fireballs
  • Gibson’s
    Steakhouse USDA Prime Aged
  • La Preferida Mexican Specialties
  • Tuscany‘s
    Italian Beef and Sauces
  • Jay’s Potato Chips
  • Peking Duck from Lao Sze
    Chuan in

if the Angels beat the White Sox, Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle will send Chicago
mayor Richard M. Daley ?items that reflect the true spirit of Anaheim and Orange
County,? such as:

  • A crate of Anaheim chile peppers
  • A crate of Sunkist
    California oranges Ocedit
  • Merchandise from Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, including
    a pair of golden Mickey Mouse ears
  • An autographed script from Fox
    Broadcasting Co.’s hit show "The OC" 
  • A surfboard from Huntington Beach-based
    Jack’s Surfboards
  • A Halo Hybrid Utility Club from Cleveland Golf in
    Huntington Beach
  • $50 in gift certificates from Anaheim-based Pacific
  • Surf apparel from Newport Beach-based Toes on the
  • Sunglasses from San Juan Capistrano-based Hoven Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
    from Newport Beach-based Tyler Rose Swimwear
  • A gift basket from Orange
    County-based Diedrich’s Coffee
  • A case of boysenberry jam and a bucket of
    Mrs. Knott’s chicken from Knott’s Berry Farm

Since when did this get so
corporate and product-placement-happy? It used to be simple, like one food item
per city. Like, ?
Anaheim will get
20 deep-dish pizzas and a pat on the back and
Chicago will get
40 fish tacos and an ?Attaboy.?? Now, sadly, even the age-old ?friendly wager?
has sold its soul.

If these guys want to bet, how
about a real wager, male ego vs. male ego, with no corporate

If the Angels win, Daley has to
bungee jump off the
Sears Tower in a

If the White Sox win, Pringle has
to get in a Mickey Mouse costume and sing a set of Ashlee Simpson songs at the
House of Blues.

THAT will determine a true
Doug Miller/MLB.com

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