Sleep in November

Watched the news around noon today and there they were. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, also known as the California Angels to Ozzie Guillen, being interviewed as they checked into the Chicago hotel around 6:30 a.m. I heard Brendan Donnelly they got into town around 6 a.m., and by the look on the face of Angels reliever Brendan Donnelly as he walked into the Angels clubhouse around 3 p.m., what I heard was correct. He was tired. The Angels are tired. But then again, who is not tired at this point of the season?

Yes, the White Sox had a few days of rest, but the season was long and they could be just as fatigued as the Angels are. As Ozzie told me the other day, "The Angels and Yankees are built to play to November. We were built to play into October. We’ll see what happens."

Truth is, I’m not so sure the travel will play such a factor in Game 1 of the ALCS. Playing baseball and traveling is what these guys do for a living. Jet lag or being tired is an easy excuse. I just don’t think it’s the right one, and nobody is going to use it. Having a tired pitching staff is something else altogether, and that could be the biggest factor working against the Angels. Sleep? These guys can sleep anytime during the offseason. The Angels will be wide awake. The question is how awake will the tired arms be. — Jesse Sanchez /



    Yah baby, lets do it,, white sox will win the series in either 5 or 6,, that’s what i think…. GO SOX…

  2. Joy

    Angels tired or not, got the job done tonight. It looks to be a very good series they both play a similar game, it all depends on who executes their game plan the best. I’m betting on the Angels. They have a lot of heart and will be giving it their all in the series.


    I believe that everyone who says that the SOX will win in 5 or 6 is assumming that the SOX win the first 2 games at home, steal one of the games in Anaheim and then finish it up in Chicago.

    We now know that scenario is out. If the Angels win tonight, this thing is going Angels in 5 or SOX in 7. This is assuming of course that the Angels get their pitching in order before their first home game. If they don’t, SOX will probably steal both the Angel home games.


    All I know is – Angel fans : THANK GOD we don’t have to listen to the SOX’s broadcasters… I mean those guys are HORRIBLE.. They have no objectivity whatsoever and that one guy who says “HE GONE” — should be banned from ever opening his mouth in public again… ( I watched a couple Angel games against the Sox on so I know this).. Of course Rex Hudler also annoys me sometimes but not to that extent…


    Yeah, you can definitely tell the “homers” from real announcers. For the Angels, I love Rex Hudler, but he is a homer. Phisioc is somewhat impartial.

    It was ridiculous against the Yankees. I can’t remember the announcer’s names, but those guys were definitely Yankees fans. Every thing that came out of their mouth was what the yankees needed to win, how the yankees were going to win, what the yankees were going to do against the Sox, etc. . . The only rememption I got was when you could tell they were dissapointed when the Yankees lost!

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