Anything you can do …

Chalk it up to a case of nerves, playing on the center stage nationally in the American League Championship Series opener. Maybe it?s a credit to starters Jose Contreras and Paul Byrd, who  threw strikes and attacked the opposing hitters.

Then again, maybe the White Sox and Angels? hitters had 10 p.m. Figgins200_1reservations at Gibson?s Steakhouse and didn?t want to lose their table. For whatever reason, neither team was very patient through the first six innings Tuesday.

Take the sixth inning, as an example. Contreras threw two pitches to Orlando Cabrera, and he grounded out to shortstop Juan Uribe. Vladimir Guerrero hit the next offering to Uribe for out No. 2, and Garret Anderson struck out swinging on three pitches.

But Contreras didn?t have much time in the dugout. Jermaine Dye popped up a bunt attempt to Byrd on the first pitch in the bottom of the sixth, Paul Konerko flew out deep to Steve Finley in center on pitch No. 3, and two pitches later, Carl Everett ended the frame with a long fly ball to center.

Patience is a virtue but was not a requirement on this night.
Scott Merkin/



    It was a bad night. It was drizzling and cold, oh well. And Contreras always gets shaky between starts, we all saw this during the regular season. Without Colon Anaheim’s as good as one of Swartzannaeger’s (or however you spell it) speeches.

  2. Joy

    As bad as it was, somehow our boys from Southern Cal managed to take care of the Sox. In the pitching arena, our bullpen will step up and do what it takes, the loss of Colon is big, but it takes more than one guy to get to the World Series.


    ****, the way things are going, the Angels bullpen might not need to be that deep. If Washburn comes through and Lacky and Santana pitch as good as they did against the Yanks, this could be over in 4.

    That said, pitching isn’t everything. Look at what happened to the Sox last night. Contreras pitched beautifully, but his offense wasn’t there to help him out. The Angels could have some excellent pitching, but if Vladdy and Figgins continue to come up short in this post season, the Angels are not going to win without the SOX screwing up. Thank-God for Anderson starting to deliver as well as Molina, Cabrera, and Kennedy. If Figgins and Vladdy get dialed in, we might not have to rely so much on our pitching.

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