Guillen_191 It seems like anything Ozzie Guillen says makes people laugh — even when he’s not that funny. He’s just being Ozzie. Take today’s press conference, for example.

Here’s the background: During scheduled interviews with a manager or player in a designated room, there is a person, likely a court reporter, who sits in front of the reporters with her machine, typing the questions from the reporters and answers from the player/manager in real time. The transcripts are later Emailed or printed for reporters who are unable to attend the scheduled interviews. It’s a great process and those transcripts really help a lot.

Soooooo … Ozzie is doing his thing. Answering this and that in English. The woman types, types, types.

A question is posed in Spanish and Guillen responds in Spanish. In the middle of his answer he stops, looks at the woman and says, "Hey, you stopped typing!" Everybody bursts into laughter. The woman freezes. Then she laughs. Part of the reason it was sort of funny is that most managers never even acknowledge the person who is typing up the quotes and they surely don’t joke with them. It was an awkward moment made into a funny moment. It was Ozzie being Ozzie. I’m pretty sure it was on video tape even if it was not recorded on paper.
— Jesse Sanchez/MLB.com

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  1. geo5othcor@msn.com

    Love that line of Ozzie’s.In 2002 I fervantly pulled for the Halos,now my hats off to the White Sox,go win the world series!!!!

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