Contreras the card

Jose200_2The funniest guy in the White Sox dugout is not Ozzie Guillen. It’s Jose Contreras. Yes. That Jose Contreras. Part of Contreras’ charm is how he shares his life experiences, and the other part is his delivery of jokes. Guillen said the pitcher is so big and sometimes goofy that anything he says comes out sounding funny. According to Guillen, Contreras is a laugh-a-minute and is usually in the middle of a group of players cutting up. Guillen even pulled his son, Ozzie Jr., into the middle of an impromptu media session to ask him who was the biggest clown on the team. Without missing a beat, Ozzie Jr. blurted out "Contreras."

But as the story goes, Contreras is extremely respectful of Guillen and does not always share that side of himself with the manager. In Spring Training, Guillen said he watched a huge crowd of players laughing hysterically in the opposite side of the dugout after one of Contreras’ jokes. When Guillen asked what was so funny, Contreras said he would tell him the joke later. Guillen is still waiting.
Jesse Sanchez/

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